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16 February 2012

Mountains of the Moon

Mountains of the Moon
I J Kay
€28.05 €19.50

A woman in her thirties is released from prison, with a new name and not much else. She begins to make a fresh start but the present is soon invaded by fragments from her past. Unsettling, hallucinatory and without precedent, 'Mountains of the Moon' is the tragic account of a broken life, but, against all expectation, it amounts to something utterly beautiful.

  • "Original... exhilarating... [an] astonishingly accomplished debut novel" - Observer

  • "Mountains of the Moon is a riveting novel, both disturbing and entertaining, with twisted low-life characters rivalling any created by Martin Amis or Nicola Barker." - Spectator


  • "Something unique and magnificent... there's a sense of having experienced something genuinely unforgettable... It's a wonderful voice: funny and fragile, innocent, knowing, tender and tough. I have never encountered another like it... There is nothing simplistic about this bold, unsettling, uplifting novel. Read it. Then read it again." - Guardian

  • "A black, savage, persuasively wonderful British debut novel... [Kay] has created a narrative voice that is compelling, sympathetic and always interesting... The restraint is just one of the many surprises contained within this singular, vividly resonant novel whose humanity will thrill, delight and engage readers. Kay writes with clarity and ease; the sheer lucidity is irresistible... Few 350-page, first-person novels - even fewer contemporary British novels - are unputdownable. This is one of them." - Irish Times


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